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Swimming Horses in Barbados

In an earlier post we spoke about The Garrison Savannah race circuit which is definitely worth visiting, however during our time in Barbados we found something even better than watching the horses race, and that was seeing them swim!!

We discovered that every morning horse trainers walk their racehorses over to Pebbles Beach for an early morning swim (I have never seen a horse in water before, so this took me by surprise and had to get down there to see it in person!) It was spectacular to watch but does unfortunately mean a very early start – the trainers are typically at the beach by sunrise (between 5:30-6:20am depending on the time of the year) but the horses only have a short swim (about 15/20mins) so try to look up the time of sunrise before going and make sure to be on time!

Happy Travels 🙂

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